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    Looking around the exclusive agent. You select the tools industry. Tools allows you to live carefree; Tools to make you the cause of progress while maintaining stability. Tools are good human assistant.There is one day the Earth and human. The tools is human a good friend. But when you using tools must choose the best ones. The best tools is the brand named:

        Hot air gun series
        Solder station series
        Hot air gun parts series
        Soldering iron tip series
        Disassemble tools series
        Screwdriver series
        Tweezers series
        Power supply series
        Multimeter series
        Ultrasonic cleaner series
        Magnifying lamp series
        Pliers series
        Knife series
        Repair equipment series
        Preheating station series
        Dissolve tin oven series
        Smoke absorber series
        Desoldering pump series
        Adhesive series
        Electric screwdriver
        Working platform series
        Caliber ruler series
        Components box series
        Anti-static series
        Electronic scale series
        Plug series
        Accessories series
        General tools series



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    Company Bank Account Name: Shenzhen Jinliyang Technology Co.,ltd.
    Company Bank Account Name(HK):JIN LI YANG (HK) TECHNOLOGY LTD.
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    BST-X8 Back cover glass Glue Solution for 8/8 Plus/X
    Order No:
    Product Name:
    Order No:
    Product Name:
    BST-999 Electronic super glue
    Order No:
    Product Name:
    BST-888 Plastic super glue
    Order No:
    Product Name:
    BST-495 Crafts Special Glue Instant Adhesive
    Order No:
    Product Name:
    BST-460 Universal super Glue Instant Adhesive
    Order No:
    Product Name:
    BST-406 Low Corrosion Soft Glue
    Order No:
    Product Name:
    BST-401 Universal super glue
    Order No:
    Product Name:
    BST-401 Universal super glue
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